Our company is built in 5 divisions.

A. Scale Division: Stock and Sell every conceivable type of scale including Precision Laboratory Balances, Analytical Balances, Industrial Platform Scales, Medical Scales, Livestock Scales, Crane Scales, Truck Scales, Counting Scales, Check-Weighing Systems and many more. Custom scale designs for different Industries and Users are also available.

B. Weighing Systems Division: Provides design, Engineering, Development, Custom Programming, Installation, start-up, Maintenance and Repair for Industrial weighing systems. We specialize in customized weighing applications and precision weighing applications. We provide the weighing components, mounting hardware, indicators, controls and computer interfaces and know-how for any Industrial or Commercial weighing application. We realize that systems are rarely identical. We are expert in making sure that you get the exact system your process requires.

C. High Caliber Technicians : Our Technicians are well educated with all the technical skill required to maintain the smooth growing atmosphere in our organization. They are organized, planned, skilled and educated with each and every system we manufacture and other machines running in the market so that they can repair / service any machine any condition prevailing in the market. They are well specialized, hard working and committed to give the very best amongst all the other players in the market.

D. R&D : We strongly believe in continuous Research and Development. We know customers expectation, we understand them and work hard every day to come up with its solutions. We Research and Develop the ideal model/system for our esteemed customer so that they can cherish on us, our efforts, our systems, our AMI Brand.

E. MARKETING & SALES : A strong workforce with adequate knowledge of our AMI Brand & product , customer need , we have the very best market achievers in our organization in the field of Marketing & Sales. They are committed to serve and meet every deadline in terms of Customers requirement. They are reliable, focused, customer centric , go-getter and achiever. They represent our organization to the World. They are our Front runner.